CPI(M) in States

The sacrifices and contributions of Com. Surjeet are very inspiring for the present generation.

Indefinite secretariat picketing will begin from August 12 instead of the day and night sit in which will be wound up on August 4

The CPI(M) unit in Uttarakhand has been working tirelessly day and night trying to provide succor to the families of those missing

For the last three and half years Andhra Pradesh state has been in throes of uncertainty and confusion because of the opportunism of Congress party

Braving violence, the villagers voted for the Left parties in hundreds of villages in the state

The common people’s mandate has not been reflected fully in this election.

Pinarayi Vijayan alleged that the written complaint by an accused in the Solar Panel Scam has been manipulated.

Hundreds protest against unprovoked firing in Hazaribagh on July 26, demand judicial enquiry and adequate compensation

In Indian conditions, caste oppression and class exploitation are inter-twined -- Prakash

An ominous indicator of the heights to which the TMC can go to terrorise people and impose its will was evident on July 25.