CPI(M) in States

The CPI(M) campaign in Chattisgarh is receiving a good response from the people from all walks of life, especially the toiling masses.

Appropriate tactics should be adopted to defeat Congress and thwart BJP and strengthen the Left and non-Congress, non-BJP forces.

The implementation of Forest Rights Act in Andhra Pradesh has been the worst.

The West Bengal Left Front will be organizing a sit-in demonstration in Delhi during the Winter session of parliament

"I would like to say with all humility, that today’s judgment justifies the stand of the Party."

It was here that Krishna Pillai known popularly by the pseudonym “sakhav” (comrade) had taken refuge trying to evade the police

Television footage aired by a section of the media has shown that the person who hurled stones on the Chief Minister was a Congressman.

Pinarayi warned that the witch hunt on CPI (M) will boomerang on the UDF. The real culprits who should be exposed, Pinarayi added.

The Convention organised by the Mangalore District Committee of the CPI(M) demanded the immediate implementation of the Sachar Commission report

It is in the best interests of the people of the region that the Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan take bold initiatives for cessation of hostilities..