CPI(M) Manifesto Highlights

The CPI(M) Election Manifesto has appealed to the people to: Reject Congress, Defeat BJP, Vote for the CPI(M), Strengthen the Left For a Secular and Democratic Alternative, The Manifesto calls for the strengthening of the CPI(M) and the Left representation in the Lok Sabha as this will be the basis for strengthening the secular-democratic foundations and for a pro-people alternative.

C.C. Communique

The Central Committee discussed the preparations for the Lok Sabha elections in all the states. It approved the first list of seats and the candidates of the Party.
..........The draft of the Election Manifesto of the Party was discussed by the Central Committee. It authorized the Polit Bureau to finalise the manifesto and issue it at the appropriate time.

Memo to Election Commission: West Bengal Elections

West Bengal’s electoral history is unique characterized by abnormally heavy voter turnout underlining the peaceful, free and fair character with massive popular participation under the strictest scrutiny of the EC. A number of times the Election Commission and its observers have put these on record. Particularly during the 2006 elections, the EC had organized it under unprecedented security arrangements. So much so, that the elections were held in five phases and both security and other election officials were largely drawn from outside the state.